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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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can keep her piggy bank. her mom is thrilled he was found so quickly. >> and you made an amazing ending and it's something we're never going to forget and make sure everyone knows it. >> nico is home and the family couldn't be more grateful. >> i'm just happy he's safe. and back with our family. he's with me, safe, no matter what, now. >> and thieves stole him along with tens of thousands of dollars worth of electric trick equipment who then dumped him when they saw and realized the picture was making rounds on the internet. >> thank you so much. and well an evicted embezzler
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has been convicted after two weeks on the run. and this is saying police kept tabs on him and the scam involved three luxury condoes and they forged deeds and took out loans on the property. and there is is oakland police chief asking for help to stop the rising murder rate. abc 7 news joins with us more. nick? >> good afternoon this, has been one of the toughest neighborhoods and one of the small business owners that i spoke with today says she'll not live in fear and she belongs here. police hoping that those feel the way she does will have a way to fight back against violent crime.
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>> this is issues in pockets if you're playing with the crowd that is what is going to happen. >> and she knows about violence and it has avoided skmer restaurant. she thinks she nes why. >> we communicate with the people in the neighborhood. they look out for us. >> communicate. that is what city leaders are trying to do. >> many are reluctant to come forward with information. >> there is a effort to reduce crime and there is a a number of those killed by gun violence to 906789 today the department introduced tip watch there is a new tool to fight crime. >> the goal tips can not be identified by police. the information inen crypted
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and web secure. the service allows information to be sent via text messaging or e mail. and there is saying community involvement is the key. >> there is a shift for those in the community. >> we're look at west oakland differently and bringing economy here. >> making them feel empowered. there is the police department remains under scrutiny. and now, attorneys suing the city have until midnight to file a motion requesting the feds take over the police department. >> and there is killers on the lose after two separate murders last night. police say man was not
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breathing downtown and there is about four hours later a man shot to death at a birthday party and says several rushed into this yard and shot the victim. >> we have a belief it's possibly gang related. >> there is police do not have a cause of death. >> a new ash. bishop heading the ash diocese but it had controversy. there is when he entered contradiction, friends and family member as tended the ritual mass installing him as ninth archbishop of san francisco, marin and san mateo counties outside groups confronted one another, he does not believe either
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abortion or gay marriage. >> and there are "los angeles times" says recent graduates found cal campus a hostile place for jewish students saying a protest last february was one of several events that stoked hate speech. the spokesman says this is constitutionally protected speech. >> mitt romney is hoping his strong per fompl yens can put momentum on his side and a gallup poll shows the president in a four point lead no, nation wide poll has been done yet but several instant polls give romney a win by more than a 2-1 margin. both hit the campaign trail today. president obama spent the day in colorado and wisconsin and will be coming back next week
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for another fund-raiser. and tickets start at $100 going as high as $7500s. >> a national campaign passed through the bay area today this is is orered to inform voters and calls itself patriot majority usa, targeting billionaire contributors. they want to rally opposition to cal proposition 32. >> we like to advocate and support measures helping get funding back into education. but these people don't believe in us having a voice. >> it would ban corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates. >> there are gas prices never
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as high in this state. triple a says the price jumped 18 cents and there is $4:32 on average. one station has clesed temporarily. >> there is a peak dollars to have 10 cents on the gallon. >> officials blame the increase monday's fire and as well as two problems in chevron including fire at the richmond refinery. there is hope officials expect prices to drop in the next couple days now that it's coming back online. >> a new uc berkeley study of pregnant women shows a link between bpa and thigh skproid hormone levels. this raises concerns about the affect of the controversial
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plastic additive on the fetus. >> this bpa is a chemical found in hard plastics and hard to avoid. researchers say 95% of the population has detectable levels in their bod skbreez animal studies have shown females are better at metabolizing bpa. >> uc berkeley researchers found pregnant women with higher levels have lower levels of an important thyroid hormone. it could hurt their baby boys. >> important thing about looking at levels during pregnancy is that you need proper hormone levels for proper brain development. >> the director of ucsf's program on reproductive health and the environment. >> so there is a developing
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fetus is dependent on maternal levels so if the mom has decreased levels, then that means fetus is going to be getting less hormone autos at this point there is no cause for panic. >> the lead author of the study says it's important to remember it's the first of its kind and results need to be confirmed. >> i won't say this is alarming but these hormones as i said are very important for development. >> and says the main source of exposure is canned food and use of hard, clear plastic. and in july, california banned bpa in baby bottles and sippy cups but can be found in canned baby form la. they will take a look at the children in the study. >> we've looked and we're in
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the process of looking at potential relationship with outcome like obesity and brain development. and saying the bulk is saying bpa is safe as used now and says the speculation sit linked to health affects is not supported by data. >> and okay, thank you. >> and coming up, settlement allowing google's library to move forward. >> a standoff taking place over a yacht offering women in one muslim nation a way to get an abortion. >> and from a cool down to the possibility of wet weather when computer models want to bring in showers, back with a forecast coming up. >> and a look at the tweets from the presidential debate.
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>> stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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he. a dutch ship spreading awareness about abortion rights was scheduled to rif today, officials say the boat did not have permission to enter. and there is a group advertised a hot line about the use of pills for medical abortions. >> there is a boat if kit help a few women, we can sail at international waters but what about mostly in this case is that it tries call attention there is medicine available here. >> the group invited to morocco by a local womens' rights organization. it was met by protestors and there are upset they're
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offering to perform abortions on board the ship. >> and google will continue to scan books for its digital library and there is a result of a settlement ending a seven year lawsuit. publishers and authors sued google after reaching an agreement to scan the collection of books. there is a google scanning 20 million books to date. >> there in the twitter universe, mitt romney, hands down. twitter says last night was the most-tweeted about event in u.s. political history and there were 47,000 tweets mentioning romney and the word win or winner. president obama had fewer than 30,000 similar tweets. >> and if you were anywhere along the san francisco water front you couldn't help but notice blue angels and a lot
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of sailors in town. yes, it's fleet week. there is wayne freedman joining us now with more. >> sometimes, you can hear them. most of the time, you don't see them. there is fleet week week going back to 1981 and what we have a continuation. >> and there is fleet week. >> i love the form maigs and the sound sound. >> if you can watch a blue angel on the ground there is a process behind a survey flag as they call them. >> and i'm looking for check points allowing me to get in and out safely. >> and across the bay, the onset is more about an
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interservice tournament and in this case, navy and marines against the coast guard. have you ever wondered how they can play well? >> playing there, sir. >> where is this ball go something. >> ways going to hit a wall. we're all right with it. >> and speaking of ships there is about 10 hours in the city it doesn't leave a lot of room for adventure. >> and that is the rules. >> moments later adventure found them. this is a photo opp. >> are you corrupting the navy? >> no. >> not even in the spirit of fleet week. >> i thought you're going get into trouble.
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>> i don't mean that for trouble. >> in the united states navy chifry is not dead. >> and san francisco is hosting six sporting and social events this weekend. and there is hardly strictly blue grass festival. the giants open playoffs saturday night and there is whatever that you want to attend you're advised to get there, early. >> and i just wish there is something to do. >> i saw tourists posing for pictures and this is so nice. >> yes it's fun to appreciate what the military does for us. >> absolutely. we didn't have clear skies but there is good looking weather for what is happening.
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there is just checking them out this afternoon. here is a live picture from our south beach camera. you can see blue skies and clouds. good looking weather. there is another live picture. 76 the high today, normally there are 78 degrees so running close in the south bay there is a fog layer deepening to 3,000 feet now down to 2000. we've seen clearing here as you can see from san francisco bay. and temperatures now into 06s at the coast. there are 60s and 70s inland valleys. there is most of the bay area down, 20 degrees cooler ain san rafael. 16 degrees drop in concord z seven degrees cooler in san
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jose. there is partly cloudy skies and there is a chance of showers early next week and this is overnight looking for cloud cover to head well inland. there is some cloud cover and fog. heading out of the door bundle up. there is a cool pattern going stay with us. partly cloudy skies and there is a mild weekend and there is some showers 2:00 p.m. monday. the low tracks south there is some wrap around showers may continue. but sometimes these stall f they do we may keep showers on wednesday morn sog stay tuned and these could be first rain drops of the fall season.
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high temperatures for this south bay tomorrow there is 72 in sunnyvale. pin anyone slarks partly cloudy skies. there is 69 in san mateo. low to mid-60s coast side. cloud cover with us. there is clouds around and 71 degrees in santa rosa. east bay communities 67 in oakland. 71 castro valley, fremont. inland areas running mild. and so there is for the monterey bay, 64 in monterey. a lot happening here are the he vents. san francisco water front checking out blue angels. partly sunny skies and 61 degrees, 4:00 sunshine by 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies. there is hardly strictly blue
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grass festival. mid-50s and cloudy in the morning will be cool by 7:00 p.m. accu-weather forecast rain is away and weekend is dry. there is at least cooler patterns compared to what we've seen in days past there is a chance of showers and there is just go to face book page that will take you to this page. and right after the 49ers game here on abc 7 news and we can keep trying. >> still to come how mice could hold a key.
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>> and then at 6:00 an unusual warning from the government. it's an effort to safety whales. we'll have the story at 6:00.
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new research on mice may help women finding it difficult to conceive, scientists turned mouse skin cells into eggs that produce baby mice f applied to humans some believe this could help millions of women replace damaged eggs. researchers conducted this experiment. >> and an actor exfootball player told a crowd domestic
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violence is a man's issue, too not just a woman's issue. victor rivers talked with me before a fund-raiser. i was honored to be the mc. he told me his father tormented him, his mother and his sibling autos i grew up where domestic violence and child abuse took place to a level of torture. as a child i was beaten, tied up and locked in closets and hammered and burned. >> and he survived and thrived. and there are prevention programs around the country. just go to our web site abc 7 >> that is a powerful story. >> stay with us. still to come a's now hottest ticket in town. >> there is a chance
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coming up on news at 6:00 an unusual murder investigation behind the neighborhood that tlod arrest of a 65-year-old man accused of killing his best friend. >> and this is easy to break part but how about building one? how they do it and and thank you and the world is buzzing over the run by the a's. >> fans got in line today to buy tickets for american league division series. >> and they beat the texas rangers yesterday you may have heard this. and this is an impossible regular season. >> they never gave up. >> game one is on ska saturday. first game in oak next tuesday. let's go, a's. >> and that is going to do it for us. world news is next. >> and from all


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